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Zhu Jihong (shovel sand before bending were) alive with the work of Source: West China City Daily reporter Chen mining

early in the morning, Luzhou City, Lam Tin Town Jiangyang a slightly dilapidated residential buildings, 64-year-old Zhu bench microsecond will stand with their own balcony, overlooking a long time to a stone road, which is outfitting his son Zhu Jihong Huang Jiangyang town government to work to pass. Her son finish the stone road, he would recover sight.
such a life, in this July 24, stopped short. 14 pm the same day, to stay in the office overtime fell down the toilet Zhu Jihong, head has been hit hard. Two days later, Zhu Jihong after she died,Seattle Seahawks (http://www.nflbase.com/nfl-jerseys-seattle-seahawks-c-42_28.html), he was recognized as \
However, after half a month, around the \Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhan Kai and Le Diaocha.
from the unemployed to the civil service

Note when reading one or two points that night. Even though the child is silent, stubborn heart is very

2004, the 23-year-old Zhu Jihong graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University. After graduation, Zhu Jihong a whole year without a job. Later, through public recruitment, he became the temporary street Naxi Fu recruits. Fu street work in the period, Zhu Jihong Note the civil service began. In 2008, three years consecutive to participate in the civil service examination, Zhu Jihong was eventually admitted.
son admitted to the civil service, which allows the heart a stone bench microsecond couple finally off the ground. Note on the course of his son, the son of character Zhu bench microsecond found \son of this \
son ye so busy?
more than three months, he did not rest for a day. Jiangyang relevant person in charge of Organization Department, said he completed one of three people working.
2009 年 3 19, Zhu Jihong Huang outfitting town government official to report the. Here also, Zhu Jihong know Little Paint (a pseudonym).
2010 年 7 24, that is, the day of admission fall Zhu Jihong, Zhu Jihong, and his girlfriend had a brief exchange of QQ, and triggered widespread speculation users. His girlfriend is the Little Paint. At that time,Jacksonville Jaguars (http://www.nflbase.com/nfl-jerseys-jacksonville-jaguars-c-42_17.html), Little Paint is a \In a very long time, long face with a baby Zhu Jihong, often came to Little Paint, and gradually established a relationship.
Zhu Jihong busy at work, in addition to Little Paint, the memory of his father Zhu is also a very deep bench microsecond. Since April of this year, the day his son was busy one day, \part. Among them, Monday through Friday to complete the party to do their daily work; Saturday to Sunday, to participate in land acquisition and resettlement which Wine Valley Boulevard; daily 18:00 to 7:00, then the completion date of land acquisition and resettlement process liquor in Valley Road, the land measuring final accounting. \
However, in the town of outfitting Huang, Zhu Jihong not special. Yesterday morning, and Zhu Jihong Huang outfitting town to report back with the Economic Development Office staff Novelist Kun, told reporters in Chengdu Commercial Daily, weekends have become the norm, \declined to name the civil servants said, \p>
addition to more than three months continuous work, Zhu bench microsecond remember, every night, his son was also special to come back later. \\6

the rest of this should be the day before his 7 am to work until the last fall

7 月 24 horn is day, irreversibly arrived. Publicity department informed of the material showed that on July 24, at the age of 28-year-old town outfitting civil Zhu Jihong Huang Jiangyang give up day weekend, busy with \2 o'clock in the afternoon, long-term work overload Zhu Jihong, accidentally fell on the floor in the bathroom, head has been hit hard. Leadership and colleagues found that, immediately invited the medical staff hospitals Huang outfitting his simple dress, was sent to Lu Yi Fuyuan neurosurgical treatment. 17:30, Zhu Jihong condition suddenly deteriorated. At 7:40 p.m. on the 26th, Zhu Jihong invalid due to the rescue, unfortunately passed away.
users caused widespread controversy in the later fact, there is such a detail, \the chat was recalled: \QQ, asked for a moment. Little Paint Special to the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Jiang Diao, due to the special nature of work, even during working hours, Zhu Jihong QQ will be hung, \convenience at any time to receive materials. However, Zhu Jihong has been hidden. knew he was accustomed, on the 24th at noon, I casually asked a question. At that time, Zhu Jihong told me, time to say it. subtext of this statement is that if work in the afternoon end early, go, no time, even if the. \Little Paint to Lu County, part of the original charge of the work by the Little Paint, who moved to Zhu Jihong. \Received a phone call again until the Little Paint, the message is Zhu Jihong fall. Was taken to hospital staff, Zhu Jihong said that the first sentence is: \However, two days later, Zhu Jihong forever passed away.
Minor Pan recall such a detail. Zhu Jihong your e-mail was opened, was found July 24 6:59 am, Zhu Jihong go out into their own electronic mailbox stuffed into a first message, it is a risk on the construction of three points to find the relevant information. \July 24, a Saturday, a day should break.
controversy behind

bench microsecond for Zhu, Yi was Jane and Little Paint, the \has never left

7 27, Zhu Jihong been identified as a result of the public expense, the CPC Committee Jiangyang posthumously Zhu Jihong, \July 28, Jiangyang Committee held a grand memorial to the General Assembly, Zhu Jihong, more than 200 cadres and the masses to the funeral home as in Luzhou City, Zhu Jihong off.
on the situation gradually calmed down, the relevant \Bone of contention is that the toilet fell dead, what is considered as a \
yesterday morning, Vice Minister Zhu Jiangyang Committee Organization Department, told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter group, \procedure is absolutely no problem. However, to be prudent, we are now re-Zhu Jihong of the material for verification. even the use of police force, to check on the 24th at noon, Zhu Jihong, and his girlfriend talked exactly what. we should do things that must stand the test. \has never left them.
since that on-line dispute, the original up and down like a computer chess Zhu bench microsecond from no longer online. Only son lived every day to clean up the small room was spotless, and then stood on their own balcony overlooking a long time. However, the piece of stone on the road, no son of a familiar figure.
accept the Chengdu Commercial News Speaking to reporters, said Zhu bench microsecond, Zhu Jihong passed away, he did not thought about what children should be treated, \Meanwhile, users of the dispute also allows the bench microsecond couple rough, \>
For Little Paint, the two men had planned before the National Day of marriage. \p>

09 年 3 months with you to yellow outfitting

gentle to you, for being late, I handed a glass of warm warm water
remember your name from this, also remember your kindness

we are with a group of the examination of the civil service

carries the dream vision of the future
to yellow piece of outfitting the land of

I know you work so love, love life

Unfortunately, an accident

let it all changed become never dream

heartbreak of leaving a signature of \> let these beautiful dream to hold you, well all the way!
only wish for you in heaven

not so self-denial, not so busy, not so skinny ... ...

(one of my colleagues in memory of Zhu Jihong and to excerpt)